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Infinium HR/PY Test Database De-Identification for HIPAA/Sarbanes-Oxley

The Infor Infinium HR/PY test database currently used in many organizationsís testing environment contains "live" production data - which includes live "Protected Health Information" (PHI). As part of your overall HIPAA compliance, this test data may need to be de-identified for current and past employees. Many companies currently dealing with Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 test script compliance have implemented de-identification as part of a comprehensive HIPAA strategy.

If your HIPAA compliance strategy requires de-identification for your Infor Infinium HR/PY test environment, TCI wants to make you aware of a simple, low cost, turnkey solution.

A utility is run against the Infor Infinium HR/PY test library. The connection between current and past employee identifiers (e.g., social security number, employee number, driver's license number, etc) and PHI data is identified. The utility then removes these "live" employee identifiers and completely replaces them with sample data, so that the test data does not contain any "real" identifiers. De-identification is additionally completed for all historical data. A total of 900 fields are de-identified within Infinium HR/PY.

The end result is a de-identified Infor Infinium HR/PY test database with the look and feel of live data while at the same time protecting the critical PHI information.