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TCI is Infor's only Infinium Solution Provider. TCI provides expert Infinium Training through custom onsite or virtual classes. For more information on TCI's Infinium Training, please contact Jerry Daniel at 502-326-4745.

Infinium Formula Management is where you create your production formulas by defining raw materials and resources. In this class you will learn to:

  • Create company or warehouse specific formulas
  • Create effective formulas by date
  • Create formula specific notes and instructions
  • Create archive and audit records
  • Copy, display, and print formulas

TCI can perform an Optimization Review prior to class. During an Optimization Review, a TCI Infinium Consultant will review how your company is currently using the software and analyze any areas for improvement in speed, functionality, business flow, or reporting. If you are on a prior release of the Infinium products and need assistance upgrading to the latest release, just let us know. We can do that for you. Just contact