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TCI is Infor's Only Infinium Solution Partner. TCI has partnered with Infinium for over 31 years and is the largest supplier of Infinium Services worldwide. Our consultants have an average of 20+ years of Infinium experience.

TCI's Infinium Consultants are experts in their product knowledge and it's their seasoned experience that assists customers in using Infinium to achieve their highest return on their software investment.

TCI conducts custom Infinium classes on your site and virtually. Our consultants work with you to create the Infinium agenda you need; this ensures the class covers everything necessary for your staff and your specific company practices. We have over 27 years' experience teaching Infinium classes. If you would like some more information please contact Jerry Daniel at

Basic course descriptions are provided for each class on the links below. Depending on your need, TCI offers the basic class, and on some products a higher level class for advanced users and a technical class. Please contact for more specific class information.

Materials Management/
Process Manufacturing
Human Resources/Payroll
Advanced Planning Flexible Benefits
Cross Applications Human Resources
Electronic Exchange Human Resources International
Formula Management Payroll
Inventory Control Payroll International
Journal Processor Self Service
Laboratory Management Training Administration
Manufacturing Control  
Order Processing Financial Management
Purchase Management  
Regulatory Management Accounts Receivable
All Infinium Applications Currency Management
  Fixed Assets
Application Manager General Ledger and Report Writer
Query Global Taxation
  Income Reporting
  Payables Ledger
  Project Accounting